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Nitromethane, with the chemical formula CH3NO2 and CAS registry number 28578-16-7, is a versatile chemical compound that has garnered attention across various industries. This article delves into the intricate chemical properties of nitromethane, shedding light on its molecular structure, synthesis methods, and applications.


Nitromethane, a nitroalkane, captivates chemists and researchers with its unique properties. From its molecular composition to its role in different chemical processes, understanding nitromethane is key to unlocking its potential applications.

Molecular Structure and Composition:

The molecular structure of nitromethane consists of a methyl group (CH3) bonded to a nitro group (NO2). This seemingly simple structure conceals the compound’s reactivity and significance in various chemical reactions.

Synthesis Methods:

The synthesis of nitromethane involves several methods, including the nitration of methane or the reaction of chloroform with nitric acid. Each method has its nuances, influencing the yield and purity of the final product.

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Nitromethane finds applications in diverse fields. It serves as a solvent, a fuel additive in racing cars, and a precursor in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. Its role in organic synthesis, particularly in the production of explosives and propellants, adds to its significance.

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